Best Paper Award Finalists

Best Conference Paper Award Finalists

“A Hybrid Descriptor for Shape Matching and Object Recognition”
Yang, Jianyu; Xu, Haoran; Tang, Yazhe; Li, Y.F.
Soochow University, China
“Importance of Series Elasticity in A Powered Transtibial Prosthesis with Ankle and Toe Joints,"
Zhu, Jinying; Wang, Qining; Li, Xin; Sun, WenTao; She, Haotian; Huang, Qiang
Peking University, China
“Learning optimal measurement and control of assembly robot for large-scale heavy-weight parts,”
Wan, An; Xu, Jing; Chen, Ken
Tsinghua University, China
“Experimental Evaluation of a sEMG-based Human-Robot Interface for Human-Like Grasping Tasks,”
Meattini, Roberto; Benatti, Simone; Scarcia, Umberto; Benini, Luca; Melchiorri, Claudio
University of Bologna, Italy
“Snapshot-based Control of UAS Hover in Outdoor Environments,"
Denuelle, Aymeric; Strydom, Reuben; Srinivasan, Mandyam
The University of Queensland, Australia

T.J. Tarn Best Paper in Robotics Award Finalists

“A distributed self-reconfiguration method combining Cellular Automata and L-systems,”
Bie, Dongyang; Zhao, Jie; Wang, Xiaolu; Zhu, Yanhe
Harbin Institute of Technology, China
“Production of Effective Stretch Reflex by a Pronation and Supination Function Recovery Training Device for Hemiplegic Forearms,”
Yu, Yong; Nakanishi, Yosuke; Kawahira, Kazumi; Shimodozono, Megumi
Kagoshima University, Japan
“Parallel Moduli Space Sampling: Robust and Fast Surgery Planning for Image Guided Steerable Needles,”
Liu, Fangde; Petersen, Joshua; Rodriguez y Baena, Ferdinando
Imperial College, UK
“MR-compatible Stimulation Device Capable of Providing Passive and Active Finger Movements,”
Murata, Koichi; Matsushita, Akira; Saotome, Kosaku; Kawamoto, Hiroaki; Sankai, Yoshiyuki
University of Tsukuba, Japan
“Control of A Magnetic Actuated Robotic Surgical Camera System for Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery,”
Liu, Xiaolong; Yazdanpanah Abdolmalaki, Reza; Mancini, Gregory; Tan, Jindong
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA
"Smooth Reactive Collision Avoidance in Difficult Environments"
Mujahed, Muhannad; Fischer, Dirk; Mertsching, Bärbel
University of Paderborn, Germany

Best Biomimetics Paper Award Finalists

“Mechatronic Design and Analysis for a Novel Gliding Robotic Dolphin,”
Wu, Zhengxing; Yu, Junzhi; Yuan, Jun; Tan, Min; Zhang, Jianwei
Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
“A Control Strategy for SLIP-based Locomotion under Lateral Impact in 3D Space,”
Han, Bin; Luo, Xin; Liu, Qingyu; Chen, Xuedong; Zhang, Tao
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
“Development of A Small Quadruped Robot with Bi-articular Muscle-tendon Complex,”
Kazama, Eiki; Sato, Ryuki; Miyamoto, Ichiro; Ming, Aiguo; Shimojo, Makoto
The University of Electro-Communications, Japan
“Design, Modeling and Disturbance-Reject Control of a Bio-inspired Coaxial Helicopter MAV in Atmospheric Boundary Layer”
Niu, Sanku; Li, Jie; Shen, Yantao
University of Nevada, Reno, USA

Best Student Paper Award Finalists

“A Haptic Display for Tactile and Kinesthetic Feedback in a CHAI 3D Palpation Training Scenario,”
Hergenhan, Jan; Rutschke, Jacqueline; Uhl, Michael; Escaida Navarro, Stefan; Hein, Björn; Woern, Heinz
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
“Motion Planning for Catching a Light-weight Ball with High-speed Visual Feedback,”
Murakami, Kenichi; Yamakawa, Yuji; Senoo, Taku; Ishikawa, Masatoshi
University of Tokyo, Japan
“An Improved eLBPH Method for Facial Identity Recognition: Expression-Specific Weighted Local Binary Pattern Histogram,”
Xi, Xuanyang; Qin, Zhengke; Ding, Shuguang; Qiao, Hong
Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
“An Independent Life Support Robot for the Lower-Limb Handicapped and Elderly Task-Intention-Identification and Assistive-Motion-Planning Algorithms,”
Bo Shen, Wang Shuoyu
Kochi University of Technology, Japan
“Actuation Principles for the Bioinspired Soft Robotic Manipulator SpineMan,”
Runge, Gundula; Zellmer, Sabrina; Preller, Tobias; Garnweitner, Georg; Raatz, Annika
Institute of Assembly Technology, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany
“Motion Removal from Moving Platforms: An RGB-D Data-based Motion Detection, Tracking and Segmentation Approach,”
Yuxiang Sun, Max Q.-H. Meng, Ming Liu
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong